Cloud Lending Platform

A flexible, feature rich digital banking solution to launch your business right away.

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Digital Wallet

Extendable platform

Cloud Native
Your cloud & Your data
Our core platform can be deployed to your own cloud to help you meet any regulatory requirements.
Extend the platform functionality with your own apps and integrations.
Opensource Foundations
Trusted and Popular
A platform that's built using the most trusted and popular opensource frameworks.
Fast and customizable onboarding system to represent your brand uniquely.
Decision Engine
Decision Engine
Built in (optional) BPMN/DMN standards based workflow and rule engine for automated credit decisioning.
Mobile Ready
Mobile Ready
Our mobile ready solution helps you reach a greater number of users quickly.

We can help you build an agile bank

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Our composable platform helps you to be agile and constantly innovate while delivering most effective services to the users.
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Easily integrate your ML models into the flow to detect anomalies and improve the credit decisioning process.


The platform comes with REST API.
Our Decision Engine is fast, modern & BPMN/DMN standards based. It has OpenSource roots and very cost effective for you. But if you prefer to use your own solution, our composable platform supports it.
Absolutely. This is supported via Apps. You can develop your own Apps and configure them to be accessible from the comfort of core platform. Click here to arrange a demo.
Our platform already has pre-built integrations to various well known third party services. A new integration can be developed using API & Apps. Let's have a quick chat to discuss further.
Every subscription can have an isolated Sandbox environment for testing purpose.
We offer SLA based support and we regularly monitor all the accounts we manage.
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